Wildlife Cam Campaign – Hengistbury Head

February 26, 2019


Five years on from the opening of the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre we have indulged ourselves in the amazing live imagery from our wildlife cameras across the nature reserve.

Visitors have followed the trials and tribulations of our Herons, the egg laying, hatching and fledging of the young aloft the highest of Scots Pines swaying uncontrollably in storm force winds; and the first live images in the UK of the secretive Little Egret.  Blue Tits with their frenzied feeding of up to 8 young are always popular as are the multitude of hungry birds that visit our nut feeders; and children delight in remote controlling our  camera situated on Christchurch Harbour.

In the last two years we invested in a new Tawny Owl Cam - is there anyone who doesn't like a baby owl?; and in 2018 our new Kestrel Cam beamed superb images of this ferocious predator and hunter tenderly raising its young.

We would love to introduce more cameras and to stream these images online to those who are not able to visit Hengistbury Head. Keeping cameras working for five years in the hostile environment of gales, driving rain and salty sea spray up to 50 feet above the ground is expensive.

We rely upon donations to make this happen so please join us in donating towards our Wildlife Cam Campaign. You can donate online, or in person at the Centre via a cash or contactless donation.

TARGET - £2,500

RAISED SO FAR - £2,234

Live streaming

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