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We're proud to support local projects across Bournemouth's parks, and open spaces. Take a look at some of the exciting projects we're doing.

Help us do more for nature

Our parks have been a lifeline for us over the past few months and have provided us with places to relax, socialise, play and exercise. Donate today to support our parks.


We’ve created volunteering opportunities to improve people’s mental/physical health and reduce social isolation through participating in parks activities.

Park Yoga 2020 – postponed

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic Park Yoga 2020 is on hold. We’ll let you know as soon as we can start delivering it in Bournemouth Gardens and the Stour Valley.

Winton Park Cafe – community cafe

We’ve opened a community cafe at Winton Rec, where our customers can enjoy a cuppa knowing the profits will be reinvested back into their local park.

Rebuilding Bournemouth’s aviary

Pine Walk, in Westover Gardens leads to Bournemouth’s aviary. We’re fundraising to rebuild the rescue aviary and give more flight space to the birds.


We’re looking to install pet friendly drinking fountains across the town. The first one was installed at Hengistbury Head, with others going in across Bournemouth’s parks, and more to come very soon.


This ambitious project will link the coastline at Hengistbury Head for 12 miles along the river Stour to the north of Bournemouth with a lovely and exciting arts and sculpture trail.

Heron’s nest live stream

Nestled 20m high in the trees at Hengistbury Head, watch our live steam of a Heron’s nest with her baby chick.

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"Bournemouth Parks Foundation are a small but perfectly formed independent charity devoted to enhancing Bournemouth's parks and green spaces for everyone to enjoy. Parks and green spaces breathe life into our towns and cities providing our communities with precious spaces to get together, exercise and play"