Help us do more for nature

August 20, 2020

What’s that worth to you?

Our parks have been a lifeline for us over the last few months providing us with places to relax, socialise, play and exercise. They’ve helped us stay in touch with nature, hear more birds, see more flowers, butterflies and insects as well as being our sanctuaries from stress and make shift gyms.

We are now asking you to support us in our work to further improve our parks. We help to transform our area’s green spaces by working with residents and communities to think differently about parks, improve those that are unloved and add cafes, play equipment, wildlife ponds and meadows.

Pledge your support today and donate to our re-wilding campaign. We aim to create areas where wildflowers can grow and we can watch our declining butterfly and bee species return and thrive.

Did you know:

  • In Bournemouth, 1 in 11 people do not have access to a private or shared garden, meaning that access to parks and green spaces is hugely important
  • Being in nature and parks is proven to support improved health and wellbeing. 70% of us say that parks had a positive impact on improving our physical and mental health during lockdown giving you the space and time to breath
  • Accessing parks and greenspaces for your health will save the NHS nearly £111m a year nationally from reduced visits
  • More than 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost over the last seventy years, reducing the occurrences of butterflies by 70%
  • 1/3 of all the food crops that we grow need insects to pollinate them. 87% of all our plants are pollinated by animals – and most of this is delivered by butterflies, bees and other insects.

Working together


This campaign is part of the Future Parks Accelerator project which includes eight cities across the country. Collectively, our aim is to create inspirational parks and greenspaces. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about how the money raised in this campaign will be used.

All branding and artwork for this campaign has been created and donated by Jonathan Lettmann, a recent Architecture graduate at the University of Plymouth. The branding and artwork was inspired by some work Joni did for his degree and in partnership with Plymouth City Council, looking at parks and greenspace and the value these have to the environment and people.

Joni donated his time and expertise to the campaign and we are very grateful for his support.