July 25, 2019

We're committed to the past, present and future of Bournemouth's parks and green spaces but we need your help! Every donation really makes a difference to your local park.

rebuilding Bournemouth's Aviary

If you've ever been down to Bournemouth Gardens and taken a stroll through Pine Walk you may well have discovered Bournemouth's famous bird sanctuary. 

We’re fundraising to replace the aviary with a beautiful new structure allowing greater flight space for the birds and 360 degree views of the birds.  Can you help us to reach our target of £200,000?

Drinking Fountains

We're fundraising to trial dog-friendly drinking fountains in some of Bournemouth's parks.

If these doggy drinking fountains prove to be a success, we will aim to raise funds to be able to introduce them to many other parks across our town.  We're currently raising funds for a drinker at Hengistbury Head. Let us know where you'd like one next!

Wildlife Cam Campaign for Hengistbury Head

Help us fundraise for a new wildlife camera and streaming facility so you can follow more amazing wildlife action!  

For the past five years we have indulged ourselves in the amazing live imagery from our wildlife cameras across the nature reserve. Can you help us to now showcase this incredible footage worldwide?  

Support us - make a donation

Please give generously to keep our parks and green spaces looking fantastic for future generations to enjoy. 
If you can't see a specific project that you like, but you'd like to donate, you can still give to our charity. Any donation you can spare will be gratefully received!
Together we can create amazing parks.