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February 4, 2019

Have you been on our wildlife bus?

Would you like to meet your wildlife neigbours who are right on your doorstep? Why not hop on our Wildlife Bus, tour around Bournemouth learning facts about some amazing creatures and jump off at one of our parks or nature reserves to see the wildlife for yourself!

Did you know?

  • The painted lady butterfly makes an impressive migration from North Africa to theUK each year - that's a round trip of 9,000 miles!
  • Our heathlands are home to all six of Britain's native reptiles including the sand lizard, adder, smooth snake, grass snake, slow worm and common lizard. Have you ever spotted one of these in your garden?
  • Otters can be found at our Stour Valley Nature Reserve rearing their young in shelters called holts along the river bank. They normally come out at dusk or early morning, why not jump on the wildlife bus to see if you can spot them?
  • Male and female tawny owls make a different noise. Males call "hoohoo" and females call "kewick" creating the "T'wit T'woo" noise owls are famous for.
  • The kingfisher is actually a brown bird. The bright blue colour you see is the result of light striking specially modified cells in their feathers.

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Our nature reserves are packed full of fun walks, activities and adventures for you to discover. There really is something for everyone, from bird watching for beginners, to creative writing and pottery for adults, pond-dipping and arts & crafts activities for children. Visit our relevant websites to find out what's happening at our Visitor Centres at Kingfisher Barn or Hengistbury Head.

Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre
Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre

Bournemouth tree trail: A 2-hour circular walk

Some of Bournemouth’s most beautiful and interesting trees are in Bournemouth’s Lower, Central and Upper Gardens - within a short walk from the Town Centre and beaches.

This circular walk should take just over 2 hours on flat, tarmac pathways - although you may choose to venture across the grass and down to the stream to look at the wildlife living there.

During your walk you will surely come across other species not marked on our trail - we have not marked every tree of beauty or interest on the map - just our own favourites that we want to share with you.

The views and sounds of wildlife on this walk will change with the seasons. The new shoots of spring change to full summer leaves, then the bright autumn colours give way to the stark winter branches.

The production of this leaflet was kindly supported by IDVerde and Park Cafes.

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