Celebrating our volunteers: Meet Kathy Clark, Administrator

Kathy & Cathi - Volunteer celebration

As part of National Volunteering Week we're celebrating some of the amazing work our volunteers do both in our parks and Head Office. If you're interested in volunteering then have a look at our volunteering opportunities to find out how you could support us. Our first volunteer profile is from Kathy Clark, our inaugural volunteer who joined us over four years ago and supports us with admin support in the office...and brings in the best biscuits too!

What inspired you to start volunteering?

The inspiration for me to volunteer was attending a talk that Mark Holloway (a Trustee) gave in my local library. His knowledge and enthusiasm was such, that having recently retired and having to nurse a partner through a serious accident,  I felt the need for an outside interest once my partner was able to cope on his own for short spaces of time, a couple of days a week. And so it was!

What does volunteering with us mean to you?

Volunteering for Bournemouth  Parks Foundation has given me a structure in my weekly diary, and although the Foundation is all about improving outdoor spaces, my forte is administration, not digging, as I'm physically unable to dig! But to help with the accounts, banking etc makes me hope that I am contributing to the charity in the best way I can, I love it!

What do you like best about your volunteer experience?

I'm not sure what I like best, probably the camaraderie within the team, which was so small when I started, but is gradually expanding, but also everyone's enthusiasm about improving open spaces in the local area, and everyone has a lovely sense of humour, we are almost like a family! Especially with biscuits for coffee breaks!

If someone was considering starting to volunteer with us, what would you say to them?

If someone else wanted to volunteer , I would thoroughly encourage them to make contact, in whichever aspect, as I found when I did, they need volunteers in every area, and in every aspect, and its really fun, you can choose days, times, length of helping and are so flexible , it all works!


Thanks to Kathy for all her amazing work she does for us!


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