Thanks to Bourne Awesome Juice Bar!

We would like to give a tremendous thank you to the new juice bar Bourne Awesome which has just opened in Bournemouth square selling amazing fresh and healthy juices and smoothies for everyone to enjoy. As their focus on healthy outdoor lifestyles aligns well with what we aim to promote, Bourne Awesome has kindly decided to donate 20% of all their profits to our cause in creating healthier green spaces in the Bournemouth area for everyone to enjoy.

The Bourne Awesome Director Mark Cribb spoke about his new business saying, “We’re really excited to be launching the Bourne Awesome stand in Bournemouth square selling locally produced fruit and vegetables and making lots of yummy fresh juices. We’re pleased to be working with the Bournemouth Parks Foundation, a local charity who are enhancing our parks both now and for future generations. We’ll be donating 20% of our profits to the Foundation so they can keep doing awesome stuff in our parks.”

Bourne Awesome is helping to promote all components of living a healthier and greener life with juice bottles made from recycled plastic. They are also encouraging customers to bring their own containers to receive 20p off your juice and help reduce waste for a greener planet.

So why not head down to Bournemouth square located near the NatWest Bank for a delicious fresh juice and help maintain our local parks! Don’t forget your own container though!

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