Stour Valley Park – Consultant required

Bookkeeper wanted

The Stour Valley Park (SVP) in Dorset is a concept to improve recreational, health and wellbeing and wildlife opportunities in the river corridor between the National Trust Estate at Kingston Lacy and Christchurch Harbour. 

A step change in access opportunities to c.2000 ha of green space will be afforded by this project for all with a range of gateways linking to existing greenways and parks within the area. 

The resulting SVP Strategy document and associated Business Plan will clearly lay out the way forward for the creation of the Park in 2021/22 as part of a new overarching BCP Green Infrastructure Strategy. 

On behalf of the Client you and your associates will 

  • Gather all pertinent information relating to the key themes in the Stour Valley: heritage & the environment, housing & development, transport & the economy, rural economic development & the ‘Green’ economy, health and wellbeing, education & learning and the voluntary and charitable sector. 
  • Carry out public consultation to include local community groups & organisations, private landowners, land (& river) users, potential business partnerships in the valley corridor, educational users, planners & tourism. 
  • Work with the GIS support officer and organise the production of presentable maps/plans of the area.  
  • Gather baseline data from our stakeholder organisations in conjunction with Vivid Economics (Greenkeeper Tool).  
  • Visit comparable heritage locations which have demonstrated intervention on a landscape scale as a guide to best practice. 

 The maximum fee to completion is £50k inclusive of your associates’ fees, materials and expenses and VAT. 

Please view the Consultant’s Brief and instructions and Stour Valley Park map

Your submission must reach the client by the 7th January 2020.   

Start date 27th January 2020 and Finish Date 31st May 2021.  

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