A second drinking fountain at Kings Park

Kings Park Athletics Stadium water dispenser
Kings Park Athletics Stadium water dispenser

Our drinking fountain campaign is building momentum with the second dispenser having just been fitted at Kings Park. The design varies from the one fitted at Hengistbury Head as this one’s located indoors, it also shows how many litres of water have been used, helping to keep our parks plastic free.

Kings Park is a hub of thirsty work, it’s home to Bournemouth Athletics Club and hosts regular competitions and events. Paul Mitchell, Bournemouth’s Sports and Recreation Development Manager said “Thanks to Bournemouth Parks Foundation for donating this much needed water fountain within the cafe at the Kings Park Athletics Centre. The dispenser will be widely used by both the athletics club, a large number of participants from schools and the 600 plus people we have joining us for parkrun each Saturday. The read out on the dispenser shows every time a litre of water has been dispensed into a reusable bottle, so it’s helping to eliminate plastic too”

Cathi Farrer, Bournemouth Parks Foundation Manager, said “Our water fountain campaign is growing rapidly as this the second fountain we’ve installed into Bournemouth’s parks. It is something you often see abroad and now Bournemouth Parks Foundation has set the ball rolling locally. The facility helps to provide a sustainable way to enjoy our parks and we want to see them become common place.”

With two fountains installed and another two confirmed at Winton’s Recreation Ground and Slades Farm, we are fundraising for a fifth for Fisherman’s Walk. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.