Virtual gifts to support Bournemouth’s aviary

November 12, 2020
Rehomed lovebirds in Bournemouth's aviary
Rehomed bird in Bournemouth's aviary
Rehomed Amazon parrots - Posh & Ziggy - in Bournemouth's aviary

Struggling to find the perfect present?

Why not choose a more meaningful gift for friends and loved ones, by making a donation on their behalf to the birds of Bournemouth’s aviary?

In return for your donation, we’ll email you a thank you card which you can print out or forward on to your recipient to let them know how you have helped Bournemouth’s aviary on their behalf.

A donation will provide our rescued and rehomed birds with food, warmth and a new home. With your help, we aim to raise the final £30,000 required replace Bournemouth’s aviary with a larger, sustainably built aviary, allowing more flight space for the birds and a 360 degree viewing experience for visitors.

There has been a rescue aviary in Bournemouth’s gardens for more than 100 years. It is run by an amazing team of volunteers who look after and provide sanctuary to almost 400 homeless birds, the majority of which have been given to the volunteers for rehoming following their owners becoming unable to look after them.

Frequently asked questions

What are Virtual Gifts? Instead of buying your family, friends or colleagues an actual Christmas, birthday or wedding gift, you make a donation on the gift recipient's behalf. In return, you will receive an emailable card which confirms your donation has been made. You can forward this on to your gift recipient, or print it out at home and hand it or post it to them.

Will my donation definitely fund the aviary? Yes, all the money you donate will only be used for Bournemouth's aviary.

What will the gift recipient receive? We do not ask for their details. Instead, we email the gift card to you. You can then forward it on to them with your own personal message. Or you could print it out at home and hand it or post it to them.