Watch our wildlife cameras

heron nest

Have you been one of the lucky ones watching our wildlife camera's this spring?

We've been fortunate to capture our Heron's, who are twenty metres aloft the highest of Scots Pines, laying eggs, hatching, feeding and fledging of the young. The heron chick is now six weeks old and it won't be long now until they fledge the nest.

As the season progresses, probably from mid-May, we hope to bring you nesting Blue Tits with their frenzied feeding of up to 8 young, followed by our Kestrels which in 2019 brought us some stunning images of this ferocious predator.

We have the potential to stream from our Tawny Owl cam too – depending on whether there is any activity this year. Watch this space. Out of season we are planning, for the first time to bring you live pictures from Christchurch Harbour and from one of our bird feeding stations.

Watch the live stream of our wildlife cameras.

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