Yoga in the Park – FREE

May 17, 2017

We've finished free Park Yoga for 2017. But don't despair, we hope to be back in the Bournemouth Gardens in 2018

What is Park Yoga?

Park Yoga is free to come along to join in.  It's for anyone and everyone, under 18's very welcome if they bring a parent.

Bournemouth Parks Foundation were delighted to be a partner in bringing free yoga sessions to Central Gardens in 2017.  Thanks to all of you who joined in and thanks to Joy Kao our lovely teacher.

These sessions were funded by the Fine Family Foundation. 

As part of our commitment to the community’s health and well-being we are looking for local businesses and individual donations to carry this forward into 2018. 

Please contact us for a discussion.

More information

Bring a mat, towel or just yourselves and be part of something great.

These are beginners’ classes but all abilities are welcome.

For more details contact or visit:

When is it?

We'll be announcing new session times in 2018.